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Formal Shirts Fitted Mens Solid Color Dress Shirt or Tuxedo Shirt, 100% Luxe Microfiber, Spread Collar

CAD $62.12

Are you looking for a men's dress shirt or tuxedo shirt that doesn't have to sacrifice comfortable fit or that elegant appearance? So were we, and thus began Global Shirts.Our Colors by Formal Shirts is a 100% Luxe Microfiber polyester , tailored (fitted) style, spread collar, plain front button up shirt that includes holes to put in your finest tuxedo studs and our own Fashion Cuff - that can be worn as either a barrel cuff or faux French cuff shirt, as the occasion demands. Our exclusive Luxe Microfiber fabric goes through a process called ``combing`` that gives it the softness of silk and the comfort of cotton- we are confident no other fabric can match it in its unique blend of comfort and elegance. Luxe Microfiber doesn't shrink and doesn't fade! We also threw in our popular ``Comfy Collar-`` a collar extender to ensure the best collar fit for you. Our sizes range from extra small (13-13.5`` neck) to XXX Large (19-20`` neck) with sleeves from 31-41 inches, so we can definitely fit you!Our tailored fit features a 3-Part ``Tru-Fit`` design, tapered from the chest to the waist, tapered from the shoulder to the elbow, and tapered from the elbow to the wrist - giving you the perfect fit!All of our shirts feature 5 spaces for studs rather than 4, so whether you're a little taller or if you just stretched too much, you'll still maintain that handsome look. We also use special break resistant buttons to enhance the lifetime of your shirt.Whether you need a dress shirt or tuxedo shirt for business, church, a wedding, bar mitzvah, the next black tie event or anything else you can think of, the Colors by Formal Shirts fitted shirt is sure to work for you!Tuxedo studs, cuff links, and tie/bowtie not included.

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