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Feelvery Men's Natural Ultra-Soft Premium Tencel Silk Long Johns Thermal Underwear Set

CAD $37.47

Condition : New Information ``Feelvery``The brand has developed and designed the underwear for customer's convenience and activity. Feelvery Underwear is made of an original design and harmless, comfortable material for human body. To check the actual size of the underwear, please refer to the size table of the image. Contact Amazon or contact us and we will do our best to answer.Features : Tencel from Lenzing: originated from natural material / eco-friendly LYOCELL fiber(more absorbent than cotton and softer than silk). Lenzing(of Austria)'s TENCEL material is a soft, non-stimulating, and nature-friendly fiber with the highest quality of LYOCELL fibers. The most functional of all natural fibers with the refreshing effect. And Tencel's softness and quick drying mean an innovative and eco-friendly cellulose fiber. Feelvery Natural Tencel Underwear is Made of natural fiber material, and it is excellent for water absorption and ventilation. It is a nature-friendly fiber with excellent soft feeling and gloss. And it's competent in forming stability even after washing and comfortable to wear with great elasticity. Check out our cosy and active women & men's wear! You can feel exceptional comfort compared to other products!Package included Feelvery Natural Tencel Long Johns Underwear Top * 1, Bottom * 1

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