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Nato Cuff - Stop Rolled Long Sleeves - Elastic and Anti-Slip Shirt Cuff Sleeves Holders

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Nato Cuff - Stop rolled long sleeves - Elastic and Anti-Slip shirt cuff sleeves holders No more rolled sleeves ! Keep Cuffs Up – These premium Nato cuff elastic band for men are hand crafted in France in our workshop. Anti-Slip Comfort – Banding your cuff sleeves with our elastic band gives your arms more freedom to move. Elasticated cuff Hand made in France with premium elastic material. Multiple Colors Available – These Nato cuffs come in blue, white, brown, black red, orange, green ... to match all your shirt color, personal style, or professional needs for everyday wear. One Size Fits Most – these nato cuff bands slide up your forearm and hold firm without slipping or chaffing sensitive skin. They’re also clothing safe! Description Keep your long sleeves up without rolling them up ! If you regularly wear long sleeves, either to work, for travel, or just to look stylish, it can be a pain when you must roll them up to let your arms breath and move with less resistance and to have your sleeves continually drop back down. That's why we created Nato cuff Long Sleeve Shirt Holders that keep your sleeves up tight for all-day comfort. Designed with elasticized premium material that lets you flex, move, and shift in total comfort. More importantly, they won't let your sleeves slide down.

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