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iCreek Rain Suit Jacket & Trouser Suit Raincoat Unisex Outdoor Waterproof Anti-Storm (M-USA, Black)

CAD $163.32
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Style: It is simple and elegant, which fits various groups. Transparent Brim: It allows you to see your road clearly and be rainproof in the meantime.Air flowable: At the back of the raincoat, we design two super big holes. And the inside mesh lining design assist with the inside and out airflow, therefore, it’s breathable. Leg Opening: On the leg opening, we design Velcro tightening to adjust the size of the leg opening. Extended the length of pants: It could cover your ankles, when you’re riding bicycle. Reflective Strip: The front and back, both sides have intensive reflection design. You can see it from 200 miters always. Color: We have multiple colors; including black, navy blue, red, fluorescent green, military green camouflage, gray camouflage, yellow, and blue.Waistband: the four-needle machine stitched waistband is more beautiful and make the elasticity last longer. Size selection Height: Height: 61 - 63 inch/ body, weight below 110 lb, recommended M Height: 63 - 66.5 inch/ body, weight 111 - 121.3 lb, recommended L Height: 66.5 - 68.5 inch/ body, weight 121.3 - 154.3 lb, recommended XL Height: 68.5 - 70.9 inch/ body, weight 154.3 - 176 lb, recommended XXL Height: 70.9 - 74.4 inch/ body, weight 176 - 219 lb, recommended XXXL Height: 74.4 inch or more 220 lb body weight, recommended XXXXL

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